Martins Farm

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Stock Fence

Mild Steel

C8/80/15 X 50m  £82.68 Per Roll



                                                          Horse Net

                                                                           High Tensile

                                                                           HT/13/122/8 X 50m £249.12 Per Roll - 1 roll £175.00 to clear


                                                                               Large Radisseurs                     Ratchet Strainer/Winder

                                                                                        £2.69                                                 £4.23

Plain Wire

2.5mm x 650m  £68.79 Per Roll

3.15mm x 410m £68.79 Per Roll



                 Barbed Wire                                         Barbed Wire Bracket

               200m  £55.08 Per Roll                                                                £8.44



20kg  £66.08

5kg  £32.96

Loose Per Kilo £5.20

Pre Packed 20mm 0.5kg £3.84

                     30mm 0.5kg £3.84




                                                                                         Loose £1.50

See Fencing/Posts/Staples for Posts

Prices subject to change