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This Superflex Contour 10000 series 1 Horse Riders Body Protector has been designed to offer protection from impacts consequent with falling from or being thrown from a horse. Impacts may be against soft or hard ground, or objects such as trees, vehicles, posts or rocks. Fallen riders may be kicked, trodden on or crushed by a horse.

This garment is made from a design and quality tested by SATRA Technology Centre and conforms to the BETA 2009 scheme, level 3 (purple label), this means that it protects providing a level of that is considered appropriate for normal horse riding, competitions and for working with horses.

The features of the Superflex Contour are as follows

  • Floating waistband assembly - this allows the front and back panels to independently form to the riders shape
  • Flexibility - Block construction foam architecture for ultimate fit and flexibility
  • Comfort panel - Panel size & construction engineered to contour of body shape
  • Adjustability - Hook and loop fastening at both sides and shoulders for a maximum range of adjustability
  • Thermoform - Foam softens to adopt riders shape faster
  • Superlite - NASTEC foam to provide superior weight to safety ratio

A member of our team will ensure that your body protector is fitted correctly to your measurements,  to make sure that you will get ultimate protection. Please allow between 10 - 20 minutes for this service to take place.