Martins Farm

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The Original Nylon Harbridge Training Aid                             Shires Leather Draw Reins

Imitates the perfect pair of hands                                       Quality leather draw reins, encourages

Useful for trotting,Gridwork and Small fences                 good outline and flexion.    

Enhances bascule                                                               

Colours Black, Brown                                                            Colours Black, Havana

Sizes Pony, Cob Full                                                              Sizes 54" x 5/89" , 54" x 3/4"

RRP£11.99                                                                                RRP £31.99


Shires Market Harborough                                                    Shires Lunging Aid (Passoa)

Useful for lunging, ridden flatwork or                                  Strengthens the back and stretches 

jumping. Good for improving top line muscle.                    the top line, maintains muscle tone.

Colours Black, Havana                                                           Colours Black

Sizes Pony, Cob, Full                                                              Sizes One Size

RRP £38.99                                                                               RRP £45.99



Shires Nylon Web Side Reins                                                       Shires Nylon Roller

Web side reins with elasticated inserts                               Nylon roller with 11 D-rings, fleece

and trigger clips. 1" wide.                                                       lining. Adjustable on both sides.

Colour Black, Brown                                                               Colour Black

Sizes One Size                                                                        Sizes Pony, Cob, Full, Extra Full

RRP £9.99                                                                                 RRP £18.99


German Elasticated Training Aid                                          Shires Chambon Training Aid

Encourages correct head carriage                                     Effective aid to achieve correct outline

Made from 6mm tubular elastic.                                          Prevents excessive upwards movement

Colour Black                                                                          Colour Black, Havana

Sizes One Size                                                                      Sizes Pony, Cob, Full

RRP £8.99                                                                               RRP £26.99                                 


Fleece Lined Lunge Cavesson                                                   Soft Feel Lunge Lines

This nylon lunge cavesson benefits                                      This soft tubular nylon web lunge

from a synthetic wool fleece padding                                    rein features a swivel trigger clip at

for enhanced comfort and to prevent                                   one end and a hand loop at the other.


Colours Black, Blue, Raspberry                                            Colours Black, Brown, Pink, Orange,

Sizes Pony, Cob, Full                                                              Purple, Blue, Green, Navy/Red, 

RRP £19.99                                                                               Navy/Cambridge,Navy/Pink,




                                                                                                  Sizes 26'

                                                                                                  RRP £7.99